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Ease of Travel

Saint Lucia passport holders can travel to various countries around the world, each with distinct visa requirements. There are about 144 visa-free/visa on arrival/e-visa travel destinations for Saint Lucia passport holders.


In 2015, the Saint Lucia government signed a visa-waiver agreement with the Schengen member countries which allows a Saint Lucia citizen to visit the Schengen countries without a visa for the period of three months within a six month period following the date of first entry into any EU country.

Saint Lucia citizens are able to visit the United Kingdom for up to 6 weeks without the need to apply for a visa as long as they fulfil all of the following criteria:

  • they do not work during their stay in the UK

  • they must not register a marriage or register a civil partnership during their stay in the UK

  • they can present evidence of sufficient money to fund their stay in the UK (if requested by the border inspection officer)

  • they intend to leave the UK at the end of their visit and can meet the cost of the return/onward journey

Consular protection of St. Lucian citizens abroad

Saint Lucian citizens can rely on embassies, consulates and other diplomatic representations in about seven (7) countries around the world.

  •  🇨🇦 Canada

    • Toronto (Consulate General)

  •  🇨🇺 Cuba

    • Havana (Embassy)

  •  🇺🇸 United States

    • Washington, D.C. (Embassy)

    • Miami (Consulate General)

    • New York City (Consulate General)

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