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▢ SL1 - Document Checklist

▢ SL2A - Principal Applicant - Application Form to become a citizen of Saint Lucia

▢ SL2B - Spouse or Dependent - Application Form to become a citizen of Saint Lucia

▢ SL3 - Photograph & Signature Form - For children who are below the age of 18 or where a qualifying dependent is physically or mentally challenged and cannot write, please insert N/A in the field ‘Specimen Signature’.

▢ SL4 - Investment Confirmation Form

▢ Affidavit in support with an indication of the following infomation with respect to the principal applicant:

  • Personal details

  • Employment details

  • Annual income and approximate net worth

  • The name of the qualifying dependents

  • Source of wealth

  • Ability to make payments of all required fees for the principal applicant and the dependent

The Affidavit in support must be sworn before a Notary Royal or an attorney-at law and be accompanied by an Apostille from the country where the Affidavit in Support is prepared.

▢ Excerpt of birth record or birth certificate - This is a birth document that also includes your parents’ details, or a household register, family book, etc

▢ Passport Pages
All pages of your current passport(s)

▢ Two (2) passport-sized photos of yourself taken within the last six months. The photos MUST be:

A full front close-up view of the head and shoulders with the head covering 70% to 80% of the photograph, ears showing and hairline visible above the forehead

Taken without sunglasses. Tinted prescription glasses may be worn if eyes are still visible showing you looking straight at the camera, your eyes open, no hair in your eyes and without hair covering except that of religious head covering. Taken against a plain a white background without shadows.
Be taken with a neutral expression (no laughing or frowning) with your mouth closed.

A true image which has not been altered in any way. Approximately 2 in x 2 in in size, of good quality color and on high quality paper.

The two photos MUST be the same in all aspects with two of the photos certified to be a true likeness of the bearer. One of the non-certified photos must be affixed to the photograph and Signature Certificate.

▢ Police Certificate(s)

Submit a Police Certificate from your country of birth, and from any other country in which you have resided for at
least one year during the ten (10) years immediately preceding the submission of your applications for citizenship of Saint Lucia. The police certificate should be no more than six months old.

If you are unable to obtain a police certificate, please provide an explanation.

Police certificates are not required for qualifying dependents below the age of sixteen (16) years.

▢ Proof of residential address

One document of proof of your residential address valid at least three months immediately preceding the submission of the application.

Examples of proof of residential address include recent utility bill or bank statement showing full name and address.

▢ Cirriculum Vitae

Required for all applicants eighteen (18) years and over. Be sure to cover the last ten (10) years preceding the application. Do not leave any gaps.

▢ Bank Reference Letter

Issued by an internationally recognized bank valid within the last six months immediately preceding the submission of the application.

▢ Professional and Academic Certificates Required for each applicant 18 years and above .

▢ Credentials for Attorney-at-Law or Notary Royal

Required for each Attorney-at-Law and Notary Royal used to certify documents submitted as part of the application

▢ Proof of Name Change (if applicable)

ONLY applicants who have had a name change are required to provide this supporting document.

  • Certificate of Citizenship

  • Permanent Resident Card or Certificate

  • National Identification Card

  • Copies of your current and expired visas

  • Marriage Record(s) or Marriage Certificate(s)

  • Divorce Decree

  • Custody or Guardianship Records

  • Statutory Declaration of Non-Accompanying Parent

Required for qualifying dependents below the age of eighteen (18) years, indicating that the parent has no objection to his or her child acquiring Saint Lucian citizenship.

▢ Photo Identification of Non-Accompanying Parent

MUST bear the signature of the non-accompanying parent.

▢ Military Records

You must submit if you have served in the military or armed forces for any period.

▢ Official transcripts or written confirmation of Registration from a recognized School, University or College.

Required for any dependent between the ages of 18 and 25 years who is enrolled in school, university, or college at the time of submitting the application.

▢ Credentials for Translator

Required for each translator used to translate documents submitted as part of the application.

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