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Documents to consider

☐ Limited Power of Attorney

☐ Signed C1 Application Form

☐ Signed C4 Application form

☐ Birth Certificate

☐ National Identity Card(s)

☐ Bio-data Pages of Passport (s)

☐ Employment letter or Business/Incorporation of company documents

☐ Marriage Certificate

☐ Divorce Decree

☐ Utility Bill

☐ Eight (8) Passport Size Photos- Two (2) certified copies

☐ Signed C2 Application Form

☐ Signed C3 Application Form

☐ HIV Test Results

☐ Original Professional Reference Letter

☐ Twelve (12) months Bank Statements from the date of submission

☐ Original Bank Reference Letter

☐ Military Record (if applicable)

☐ School Certificates

☐ University Certificates

☐ Police Certificate

☐ Name Change/ Deed Poll (if applicable)

☐ Affidavit of Financial Support for applicant between the ages of 18-25

☐ Purchase and Sales Agreement (Real Estate)

☐ Escrow Agreement (Real Estate)

Choose your investment option

You will receive forms shortly. *Please check spam folders if you have not received. 

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