Attorneys-at-Law; Authorised Service Providers; Citizenship by Investment Agents, Escrow Agents & International Marketing Agents

The law firm of Johnson and Associates was established on November 1, 2016 by our late Managing Partner Mr. Anthony L. Johnson, formerly of Dublin and Johnson. Our firm is situated at Unit 9, The Sands Complex, Bay Road, Basseterre in the Island of Saint Christopher (Saint Kitts). We are a full service law firm and enjoy a wide and varied practice including but not limited to the areas of Criminal Law, Civil Practice and Litigation, Citizenship and Immigration, Conveyancing and Real Estate Property Transactions, Corporate and Banking Business, International Law, Company and other Business Formation, Probate and Succession, Matrimonial Matters, and Debt Collection.

Authorised Citizenship by Investment Agents

Our firm is authorised to provide professional advice, assist and give details regarding the Citizenship by Investment program and help with the preparation and submission of an application.

Corporate Services

We provide business support solutions such as Company Incorporation & Registration, Company Secretary and Work Permit processing.

Authorised Escrow Agents

Our firm features the only Attorney-at-Law Licensed as 'Escrow Agent' by the St. Kitts & Nevis Government under under the CBI Escrow Act No.16 of 2017.

Civil Litigation

We apply considerable legal knowledge and expertise with the aim of resolving the dispute quickly and cost-effectively as possible. These cases include debt recovery, professional negligence and defamation.

Real Estate

Our team understands the complexities involved in buying or selling property and all other associated aspects of conveyancing.

Wills & Probate

Whether you are looking to execute a will following bereavement, or you want to plan for the future and protect your assets, we can help.


Why Choose       ?



We can help you whatever your enquiry - from making a Will to advising businesses and organisations of all sizes in every sector. Our full-service law firm provides tailored solutions in legal issues involving personal injury claims, family law matters like divorce and child custody, estate planning, business planning and litigation and real estate services.

Personal Service

We are purposely a small team of experienced Attorneys, Paralegals and support staff. We believe this is important as we can offer you a personal service from a team who are all familiar with your case. You can be confident that you will always have someone dealing with your case who knows it inside out as opposed to dealing with different people each time which we appreciate can cause further worry that your case is not being given 100% at all times.


Our clients trust us on a daily basis with their property, their money, and their reputations. Many clients grant us powers of attorney to transact business on their behalf, including the handling of significant amounts of money. We maintain meticulous accounts and make certain to be transparent and above reproach in our dealings, so that our clients’ trust in us is always justified.



from our specialist team of solicitors and paralegals